Company Opportunities

Do right, get your company to join the fight!

Fundraise as an office

Be The Match will provide all of the necessary materials and support to create a fundraising plan that works for you. We suggest you view our Team Captain Guide for ideas on how to fundraise and recruit team members.

To get started, choose your city and register to start a new team. Select a Team Captain, set a fundraising goal, tell your story and accept contributions right on your branded, company team page!

To learn more about becoming a Be The Match Walk+Run corporate partner, please contact Nicole Kersting at (763) 406-4382 or

Double—or even triple—your contribution

Many companies have a matching gift program. We encourage you to visit our Employer Matching Gift Finder. By entering your company name in the search you will see if your employer offers a matching gift benefit to employees or family members. If your employer is in the database, select it. You will see your company's specific instructions for submitting a matching gift.

Sponsor an event

Sponsorships are available on both a local and national level and may be customized to fit your interests. For more information contact Nicole Kersting at (763) 406-4382 or

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Enhanced community involvement exhibits your organization as a philanthropic leader
  • Increased visibility and brand awareness through the Be The Match Walk+Run promotions
  • Networking opportunities with potential customers and business partners
  • Employee wellness and engagement programs

Volunteer at an event

An additional way your company can get involved is by volunteering. Corporate groups can sign up to volunteer together on event day. Volunteering is also a great way to include colleagues who want to share in the experience but don’t want to walk/run as part of your corporate team. To learn more about volunteering as a corporate group, please contact Kelly Clark at (763) 406-5195 or