Local Organizing Committee

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a member of the LOC. Not only am I able to further help Be The Match improve and save lives, but it also allows me to meet and share a common passion with an amazing group of people. The entire experience truly nurtures my soul."
– Eric A. Forstrom, Caregiver & Long Beach LOC Co-Chair

Mission – The mission of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is to provide local support in fundraising and promotions of the Be The Match Walk+Run event. It is important for each locale to have a strong LOC to help broaden the reach of the event.

Responsibilities –

  • The LOC acts as an ambassador of Be The Match to the local community.
  • The LOC leads fundraising
  • The LOC acts as a grassroots promotions team

Time Commitment – The LOC is most active in the 5-6 months leading up to an event. LOC members can expect to spend around 15-20 hours a month on committee work, but this can vary by role and based on your own availability. LOC members are expected to attend meetings, conference calls, and local promotional events and to work with Be The Match staff with regards to their specific functional area during the planning period and event weekend.

Training and Volunteer Registration Process - For each LOC role, appropriate training and guidance will be provided throughout the planning period. LOC members are expected to register as a Be The Match volunteer and follow all guidelines and procedures that are part of the volunteer program (including a background check for some roles).

Roles – Below is the ideal structure of an LOC. Structure and roles vary in each locale. Some LOC members may have more than one role on the LOC and some LOC Chairs may have subcommittees.

LOC structure

Interested? Please contact Kelly Clark at (763) 406-5195 or cclark@nmdp.org for more information. Kelly will connect you with the appropriate Event Manager who will learn more about your interests and share more with you about the LOC and Be The Match Walk+Run event in your community.


"Serving on the LOC for the Charlotte Walk+Run was a way for me to give back to Be The Match considering all they've done for me. I helped build teams for the event and, having received a transplant from a matched unrelated donor through the Be The Match Registry, I was really happy to help… I urge any thriving and surviving transplant recipient to help Be The Match by joining the LOC in your area."
– Kevin LeCount, Transplant Recipient & Charlotte LOC Member