Bring Be The Match into your community

Freestyle Fundraising Ideas 

Whether big or small, in-person or online, serious or wacky—there really are no limits to how you can fundraise in Freestyle.

Looking for some ideas? Here are some good ones to get you inspired...

Socialize with your Friends and Family

  • Live Stream: Connect your Twitch channel and fundraise while gaming or use Tiltify and select Be The Match as your charity while you live stream your activity and raise funds at the same time.
  • House Party: Invite people over for a spaghetti, pizza, or ice cream party and ask that they make a contribution to your fundraiser in return.
  • Spare Change Program: Set up buckets (great in schools, offices and dorm rooms) and encourage everyone to give spare change for a great cause!
  • Product Party: Everyone loves a good excuse to go to a party! So why not host a PartyLite, Norwex, AVON, Pampered Chef or other home product party for Be The Match? Ask the sales representative to donate a percentage of all sales to your fundraising campaign.
  • Yard Sale: Have a yard sale and help save lives!
  • Family Carwash: Rally your family, friends, and co-workers—either at your home or a local business—and offer car washes in exchange for a minimum contribution.


Athletic Events & Activities

  • 5K Walk: Plan out a route that is safe to walk—and that accommodates strollers—and ask everyone in your neighborhood to walk with you and fundraise for a collective goal. (Ask about our Be The Match Walk+Run To Go program)
  • Game. Set. Be The Match.: Team up with a local tennis group, school team or country club and hold a tennis tournament.
  • Group Hike: Plan a special hike fundraiser. Ask people to join and raise money together, or make a contribution in order to participate.
  • Charity Pilates/Yoga/Spin Class: Connect with a local studio or gym and ask them to donate the fees for a class to your campaign. Then promote the event to everyone you know! This will increase the amount you raise—and serve as great publicity for the studio or gym. It's a win-win! Make it an A-Thon event — hold the class for 12 or 24 hours with teams relaying their participation get everyone to set up fundraising pages and collect pledges.
  • Train for a Marathon/Triathlon/Cycling event: Challenge yourself to train for an endurance event and ask everyone to support your personal challenge with a contribution. You can also invite people to "sponsor a mile" to show their support.
  • Frisbee Golf: Set an entry fee of a specific amount for teams of two. Then "Tee-off" at staggered times and offer donated prizes.
  • Dodgeball Tournament: Have each team fundraise to meet a specific goal—and then have fun dodging balls at your favorite local park!


In the Community

  • Pin-Up Program:  A pin-up campaign is a simple yet high-impct program that makes it easy for businesses, schools and community groups to raise funds for Be The Match. They typically consist of small sheets of paper, also know as "pin-ups" which individuals can purchase for a minimum $1 donation. The individual signs their card and then it is proudly displayed, or pinned up in a highly visible location. Click here to order your Pin-Ups.
  • Support a Registry drive event: In conjunction with a local registry drive, collect commitments from a civic group based on the number of new registrants. Offer an estimate of expected registrants and collect contributions based on actual new registry members!
  • Trivia Night/Lunch: Host a trivia event where teams compete against each other to be crowned the smartest of the night. Have prizes for the winners and allow people to buy clues for answers to raise extra cash.
  • Lip-Sync or Dance Competition: Gather a few volunteers to show their lip-synching skills. Have the audience "vote" for their favorite singer by making a contribution and including their choice in the donation comment section.
  • Local Newspapers: Contact your local newspaper editor/writer/columnist and ask them to highlight your team's story in the next issue. Make sure they include a link to your fundraising page so readers can make donations. Or simply ask them to advertise your fundraising event.


For Special Occasions & Milestones

  • Birthday or Transplantiversary Fundraiser: In lieu of gifts, ask your friends and family to make a contribution to your milestone fundraising page.
  • Holidays: In lieu of gifts, ask your friends and family to make a contribution to your fundraising page.
  • Sell Flower Seeds and Potted Plants on Earth Day: Ask a local nursery to donate seeds and/or potted plants for an Earth Day Sale. Then sell the donated items and collect the proceeds for your campaign.
  • Sell Flowers for Mother's Day: Ask a local nursery to donate flowers for Mother's Day. Then sell the donated items and collect the proceeds for your campaign.


In the Workplace

  • Matching Gift Programs: Many companies will match donations made by their employees. Ask your company if they have a similar program. Then ask your co-workers to fill out the appropriate forms and donate. You can turn those $25 donations into $50 donations in a snap! Click here to see if your company already participates.
  • Be Casual, Be The Match: Ask your boss if you can host a Dress Down Friday or a Jeans Day in exchange for employee contributions. You can monitor this fundraiser by giving participants a stamp on the hand, sticker or button.
  • Company Bake Sale: Host a bake sale for your office, floor, or entire buiding. Ask employees to donate baked goods and make sure to advertise, advertise, advertise!
  • Parking Space Raffle: Does your CEO have a reserved parking space? If so, ask him or her to raffle it off for a week, a month, or for the year!
  • Office Olympics: Ask each department to create an obstacle course/relay race. Put them all together and you have Office Olympics! Get participants (or teams) to make a contribution as their "entry fee" and have an afternoon filled with fun!
  • Ice Cream Sundaes/Root Beer Floats: Ask a local grocer to donate some ice cream and then let co-workers make their own special sundaes for a contribution.
  • Brown Bag Days: Have employees bring a brown bag lunch to work and contribute what they would have spent at a restaurant or cafeteria. Have it outdoors, add music, dessert and drinks—and have a special lunchtime picnic! Reach out - and we would be happy to organize a speaker for a Lunch 'n Learn.


Get Creative!

  • Shave Your Head (or Beard) for Big Bucks: You'll be amazed at how many people will donate to see you shave your head!
  • Virtual Lemonade Stand: Create a picture or icon of a glass of lemonade that you can post on people's social media pages. Then ask everyone to "buy some lemonade" as a donation. When they do, post the image on their page with a special thank-you note!
  • Make a Cookbook: Making your own cookbook can be a fun way to highlight your favorite recipes, quotes and related stories.
  • Give it up to Help: Encourage fellow students and teachers to give up a daily luxury for a certain amount of time. Example: give up coffee or soda once a week for a month, at $5 week that is a $20 contribution!
  • Green Thumb: One fundraiser with a green thumb grew veggies and flowers to sell to her co-workers and friends. Think about your talents and how you can use them to raise money!