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Help us achieve our goal: Equal outcomes for All!
Help us achieve our goal: Equal outcomes for All!

CovesticCares Be The Match Challenge

Every 3 minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer like Leukemia. For many of these patients, a transplant is the only life-saving treatment, their only chance for a cure. Yet most don’t have a matching donor in their family. Patients without matches depend on the Be The Match Registry® to find a donor. That’s more than six people each hour, or 148 people each day.

Because the genetic markers used in matching are inherited, we learned that donors are most likely to match someone who shares the same ethnic background. However, despite being the world's most diverse donor registry, there is no guarantee of a match. A study from investigators at Memorial Sloan Kettering reports that for people of certain racial and ethnic backgrounds, finding an unrelated donor match can be difficult if not impossible.

The Covestic Diversity and Inclusion Council wants to make sure that every patient has a fighting chance when they need it the most.

By supporting our CovesticCares 'Be The Match' Challenge, you will help:

n  Grow the registry to create more matches
n  Fund life-saving research
n  Assist patients overcome financial barriers to transplant
n  Donor financial assistance program

Together we have the potential to truly make a difference to thousands of men, women and children in need of a life-saving transplant. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late."

Our CovesticCares Team is asking you to help in one of two ways:

Donate to the Be The Match Registry: Click on the "Make a Gift" link at the top of this page to help us reach out target!

Join the Registry or Invite others to Join: You can even participate from the safety of your home. Click here to have a swab kit sent to your home: or just text CovesticCares to 61474.

 To join all you need is to be:

n  Between the ages of 18-44
n  Willing and committed to donate to any patient in need
n  Able to meet the health guidelines

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Did you know?

A bone marrow transplant can be a cure for patients with blood cancers and other life-threatening diseases. Seventy percent of patients do not have a fully matched donor in their family. They depend on Be The Match to find an unrelated marrow donor.

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