Every year, 12,000 blood cancer and blood disease patients like Joshua need a marrow transplant to survive. By making a gift to Be The Match, you help ensure that every patient receives the care and support services they need. Thank you!
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Help Us Save a Life - Be the Match for Vicente Pedroza

The cure for blood cancer is in the hands of ordinary people. We need your help to save the life of our beloved friend, Vicente Pedroza, who has leukemia and is in need of a bone marrow transplant in order to continue living. We are seeking the community’s support to help us spread the word.

This Saturday, February 15, Maria’s Taco Xpress (2529 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78704) will be hosting a Be The Match event in hopes of finding a matching marrow donor for Vicente. The event will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Maria will be giving one free taco to anyone who comes and donates his or her time for this amazing cause.

Patients are most likely to match someone who shares their ancestry, but only 10% of our Be the Match registry are Hispanic. Vicente is only 21 years old and his chances of finding a match are largely decreased because of his heritage. Hispanic and Latino marrow donors are urgently needed to save patients everywhere. You can find out more about how you can help us at

Maria’s Taco Xpress has been home to South Austin’s favorite tacos for 17 years. The nationally renowned restaurant has played host to different non-profit organizations and they love to help out our community. Willie Harries and his father will be supporting this event, as they constantly support our community, and will be involving live bands to play at Taco Xpress. Maria’s Taco Xpress will be serving up its famous Tex-Mex food, as well as offering great specials to those attending this event. 

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How YOU can help:

Be The Match relies on our support to collect contributions from community members to further its mission.  Proceeds will help add potential donors to the Be The Match Registry®. I hope you'll consider making a contribution today.  Together we can help save lives!  

To make a contribution online, please click on the blue "Make a Gift" box under my photo. 


What does Be The Match do?

Be The Match connects patients with life-saving marrow donors. We help save lives by:

  • Recruiting potential donors: Be The Match manages the largest and most diverse donor registry — more than 10.5 million marrow donors and nearly 185,000 cord blood units.
  • Supporting patients: Be The Match provides financial assistance to patients and their families to help offset costs of a marrow transplant.
  • Educating doctors: Doctors turn to Be The Match to learn about transplant advances, caring for transplant patients and the importance of timely referral for transplant.
  • Advancing science: Be The Match supports research to advance the science of marrow transplant, from improved donor and patient matching to improving post-transplant treatment.

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