2014 Be The Match Walk+Run - Chicago

Ava Bright

Ava Lee is a precious 5-year-old who is wise beyond her years with a heart of gold. What began as a skin infection turned out to reveal a heart-breaking diagnosis for a rare type of leukemia (mixed lineage of both AML and ALL) on March 1st.


Ava comes from a remarkable family, whose love, faith and generosity have touched countless people. Her father, Mike, is a pastor, and her mother, Esther, is an elementary school teacher. Ava has a 2.5 year old sister, Gwen, and these two sisters share a unique bond of deep love. Despite a difficult childhood due to severe food allergies (anaphylaxis caused by even traces of most food categories) and countless harrowing trips to the emergency room, Ava emerges each time to warm us with her radiance.


Since the diagnosis, it has been a hard road with Ava’s reactions/experience seeming to be “rare” at each turn, according to the medical team. What added to the heartbreak was when they discovered Gwen was not a match for Ava, as Ava will likely need a bone marrow transplant.


Please consider joining the bone marrow registry! Every person counts as a potential match to save Ava’s life! Even if you aren’t a match for Ava, you could be a match for someone else who needs a life-saving transplant.

Thank you!

Ava Bright Raised
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