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2018 Be The Match Walk+Run - Charlotte

Team Kim's Starrs 2017
Team Kim's Starrs 2017

Kim's Starrs

I am different. But you already knew that! In this case, it worked in my favor. When being diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, I was informed I wouldn't need a donor. I was able to be my own, aka Autologous bone marrow transplant. I didn't have to be on a list and hope for a match from a brave soul. I just had to be brave. But this is not everyone's story. Want to hear irony? I had been on the registry for years. Signing up at our local recreation center back home, Carver Rec, during an event. Within weeks of being diagnosed, I was called to be a donor for a mother of two. I was happy but also sad. I had made it! But couldn't help.

There are many, many more ironic stories all along my cancer journey. Like meeting the infamous Addie from the Charlotte Be The Match chapter years prior and learning about marrow donors or working for Red Cross and learning about blood collection. Really unbelieve all the pieces. But God. 

Join our team, Kim's Starrs, by participating in this year's Be The Match Walk+Run because we need YOU to join the fight and help more patients. You can help two ways; makie a financial gift or click to walk with our team. Both help in reaching our fundraising goal.

The money we raise will:

  • Help add volunteer marrow donors,
  • Help patients with transplant costs; and
  • Fund research—providing cures to more patients.

Please support us and together we can show blood cancer it has met its match.

Thank you!

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Every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer.

Thousands of patients with blood cancers like leukemia or other diseases like sickle cell anemia, need a marrow transplant to survive. Most patients don’t have a fully matched donor in their family — and that’s when they turn to Be The Match®. By participating in a Be The Match Walk+Run, or donating funds, you are providing life-saving support to those patients in need. Join the fight.

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