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2018 Be The Match Walk+Run - Long Beach

Blood cancer has met its match. Join the fight.
Blood cancer has met its match. Join the fight.

Margot's Team

I am participating in this year’s Be The Match Walk+Run in honor of my mother, Amy Strelzer Manasevit, who passed away in 1996 from Multiple Myeloma. After a successful bone marrow transplant, she sadly passed away from post-transplant complications. Even though she did not survive, she and her entire family are forever grateful for the Be The Match Foundation and her bone marrow donor for their selfless efforts to save her life.

I am participating this year to support Be The Match in their life-saving efforts and to raise awareness about the opportunity to join the bone marrow donor registry and SAVE A LIFE. Donating and saving a life is one of the most amazing things a person can do.  In a letter to her donor before she passed, my mother wrote, "I just can't tell you how much you mean to me. You can have no way of understanding how important you are to me and I don't even know you! It's so strange. To think a stranger saved my life and I don't even know who he is." As a bone marrow donor, you can give a family the gift of life.

My mother's family and friends partnered with the Be The Match Foundation in 1997 to establish the Amy Strelzer Manasevit research program in the hope they could prevent other families from losing their loved ones. The Amy Research Program is now one of the largest and most coveted grants in the field of transplantation. Learn more at https://network.bethematchclinical.org/research/grants/

Join me in helping raise funds to save more patients’ lives.  Please donate here and/or join me in the 5k on December 1st where you will also have the opportunity to sign up for the bone marrow registry in person. 

The money I raise will:

  • Add volunteer marrow donors to the registry
  • Assist patients with transplant costs such as hospital stays, exams and prescriptions
  • Fund groundbreaking research to provide a cure for more patients

Thank you!

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Every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer.

Thousands of patients with blood cancers like leukemia or other diseases like sickle cell anemia, need a marrow transplant to survive. Most patients don’t have a fully matched donor in their family — and that’s when they turn to Be The Match®. By participating in a Be The Match Walk+Run, or donating funds, you are providing life-saving support to those patients in need. Join the fight.

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