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2018 Be The Match Walk+Run - Long Beach

Blood cancer has met its match. Join the fight.
Blood cancer has met its match. Join the fight.

Team Tara Walks Together!

It's that time of year again!

While I am thankful for Be The Match and my donor every day, there is once a year I ask you to join me in supporting the organization that made it possible for me to LIVE!!!

This year is particularly powerful for me because my opportunity to meet my donor has come and gone. My family and I traveled to Germany to meet him. I was gifted with the opportunity to meet his parents, sister and aunt. However, for reasons unknown my donor decided he did not want to meet me. Yes, it took me some time to process that loss. But, if there is anything I have learned is that each of us has our own challenges and we deal with them the best we can. Even though I will not have the opportunity to thank him in person, I was able to thank his family and presented them with all the cards you wrote. I thought those cards were for him and they became an unexpected and priceless gift for me.

Thanks to Yannik (my donor) and Be The Match my story is not over. And for thousands of others their cancer stories are just beginning. 


I'll admit, having a large group of family and friends walk with me is emotional and invigorating. I would deeply appreciate if you'd register and join me for the beautiful walk along the ocean in Long Beach. But, if you cannot I completely understand and kindly ask you support the Be The Match program by donating to my personal walk. You can just click on my name and show that you are there with me in spirit.

As ALWAYS I am so grateful for your love and support!

Love always,



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Every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer.

Thousands of patients with blood cancers like leukemia or other diseases like sickle cell anemia, need a marrow transplant to survive. Most patients don’t have a fully matched donor in their family — and that’s when they turn to Be The Match®. By participating in a Be The Match Walk+Run, or donating funds, you are providing life-saving support to those patients in need. Join the fight.

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