A3M & Be The Match Virtual Walk+Run


July 20-25, 2020 | Your City, USA

Attention all participants! We have important dates to share!

Friday, June 24 - The cutoff for qualifying for the Fastest 5K or Top Fundraising Team is noon PST. You can still run or fundraise after this time but we'll determine prizes with the information we have at that time.

Saturday, June 25 - Tune in at 6 pm PST on our YouTube channel to see our celebration video! 

A3M and Be The Match® are proud to host the first Virtual Walk+Run 2020!

The A3M & Be The Match Virtual Walk+Run unites communities across the US in support of helping patients in need of a blood stem cell transplant. This year we invite you to participate from home and go the distance of 5K your way! From July 20th-24th complete your 5K by walking, running, biking or even skipping! Whether you complete the 5K over the week or all at once, your support as a race participant will help create miracles for patients in need!

Through individual/team fundraising, you will help more patients afford transplant, add potential new blood stem cell donors to the Be The Match Registry, and make more life-saving research possible.

The A3M & Be The Match Virtual Walk+Run is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Take the first step to saving lives and register for the 5K today!

For those running and wish to compete for best time, please submit a screenshot of your 5K time and proof of distance to a3mrace@gmail.com between July 20th-24th via Strava or an equivalent running app. Prizes TBA. Top individual fundraisers of $100 or more will receive a keepsake commemorative medal.

Proceeds from this event benefit the life-saving work of A3M and Be The Match.

*Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M) is a program under Little Tokyo Service Center and operates as a recruitment center for the Be The Match Registry. A3M’s mission is to improve the health and welfare of patients with leukemia and other blood cancers by educating and recruiting potential marrow donors, as well as providing patient support services. Over the past 29 years, A3M has recruited over 330,000 donors and more than 750 have moved forward to donate their marrow and blood stem cells to save a life. Based in Downtown Los Angeles, A3M conducts donor recruitment drives all over Southern California.

Stories of Hope

Julie, Transplant Recipient

In 2010, Julie had a bright future ahead of her as a college sophomore when she was diagnosed with severe Aplastic Anemia. For nine years, Julie relied on various treatments to keep her disease under control, but knew it would not likely be a permanent cure.

Julie’s first connection with A3M was as an employee, getting hired as a full time Korean Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator in 2017. She took the job to help others like herself and knew at some point, she too may need a lifesaving transplant.

In 2019, Julie’s condition worsened and needed a transplant. Thankfully, a 10/10 match was found and she received her donation in January of 2020. Thinking about her donor, Julie wishes she can say, “I greatly appreciate your giving, your sacrifice, your decision to save my life.”

She also shared “A3M staff is full of good hearted people whose goal is to save the lives of others. It is quite a challenge to ask random strangers to become a donor to the patients. But their heart to care for the patients as their family, urges the staff to work harder to try to find a matching donor.”

Julie not only committed to registering donors while working at A3M, but she hopes to continue in inspiring other patients through sharing her transplant journey publicly on her Instagram page @wordsforjulie.

Lucia, Searching Patient

Lucia is 5 years-old and battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). This bubbly, happy little girl loves singing, dancing and playing with her brothers and sisters.

Although she has five siblings, Lucia unfortunately does not have a match within her family.

Lucia has been searching for a donor since the Fall of 2018 and her family hopes a match will be found soon. With the help of A3M’s Latino program, Por Pura Vida, drives for Lucia have been held across California for her.

She will most likely match someone who is Mexican-American or Latino like her.