A3M & Be The Match Walk+Run

December 7, 2019 | Los Angeles, CA

Online Registration is now closed and will go on rain or shine! You can still register tomorrow morning at the event. Click here for details.

Be The Match® is proud to host the A3M & Be The Match Walk+Run. The A3M & Be The Match Walk+Run unites communities across Southern, CA in support of helping patients in need of a blood stem cell transplant. With your support as a race participant and through individual/team fundraising, you help more patients afford transplant, add potential new blood stem cell donors to the Be The Match Registry, and make more life-saving research possible.

The A3M & Be The Match Walk+Run is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Take the first step to saving lives and register for the 5K today! You have the power to cure blood cancer!

Proceeds from this event benefit the life-saving work of Be The Match.

2019 A3M logo   For more information on A3M please go to www.a3mhope.org

Stories of Hope

Story Spotlight - Krissy


Krissy was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) in 2008. MDS is a primary bone marrow condition, where her bone marrow does not produce normal blood cells. The condition is otherwise known as "pre-leukemia". While MDS is typically diagnosed in 60+ year old men, Krissy was diagnosed when she was only 25 years old.

Krissy's family is of mixed heritage - Japanese and Caucasian, which made her search for a donor difficult. Ten years after her initial diagnosis, Krissy received her transplant in December 2017 and continues to do well.

She was featured in "Mixed Match," a documentary about the journey of multiracial patients navigating their search for a lifesaving match. She remains a passionate advocate for patients, especially patients who are multiracial like herself.

2019 A3M Stories - Matt photo


Matt is a Los Angeles Police Department officer and has served his community for over 10 years. He is also a loving husband with two daughters.

At the age of 40, Matt was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Aplastic Anemia. He is full Filipino, and needed a matching donor from someone that shares the same ancestry. Doctors tested Matt's sister to see if she might be a match, but she was not - family members only have a 25-30% chance of being a match. Matt then turned to the Be The Match Registry for help. However, out of 19 million people on the US registry, only 0.1% is of Filipino descent. As of September 2018, Matt is currently in remission due to successful treatment and returned to work full-time in January 2019.

Even though Matt did not find a match, eight patients found theirs thanks to his campaign alone. Matt is doing well and continues to advocate for other patients in need.