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Welcome to Team Marrow For Markey!


 The response thus far to our site has been fantastic and we can't begin to thank those of you who have registered for test kits, gotten your kids and families to register and made donations to help defray the testing costs. Our testing event is May 2nd from 1-7 P.M. at our Bannockburn Green showroom, just east of Dominick's (Rt 22 and Waukegan rds.). We hope to see many of you there with your families and friends. My kids have been baking goodies for you.

I can't over emphasize the importance of what each of you are doing for Marcia and hundreds of people like her who weeks or months ago didn't know anything about this devastating disease and the need for testing and donations. Unfortunately, we have had to learn the hard way but we are fighting. Marcia has completed her first round of chemo and while she is weak, she is definitely feeling positive and fighting as hard as she can.

We have an Israeli soldier that we sponsor to go to school and he has researched and found that the Israeli army swabs all of its soldiers upon entry to the service. We have just put the people at Northwestern Hospital in touch with their bank and are hopeful that this will lead to a good match. Talk about paying it forward, you never know when your good deeds will be returned.

Again, thanks to everyone who has called, emailed and expressed your support for Marcia. Please keep asking your friends and families to be tested. Again, you never know when the good deeds will be repaid.

Mike and Marcia



In the spirit of the Easter and Passover seasons, I am asking for the help and support of our family and friends. My wife Marcia (the fancy M) has been diagnosed with MDS, a precursor to Leukemia. This is the same disease that Robin Roberts, from Good morning America has been fighting for the last nine months.  

The treatment for this disease is major chemo and a stem cell transplant. We are looking for people to be tested, a simple cheek swab to determine whether they might be a match for Marcia or any of the searching patients worldwide. We have been on the universal list for a month with no acceptable matches thus far. 

The ideal candidate to join the Be The Match Registry and give hope to thousands of searching patients is 18-44 years old and in good health. The majority of donations is a simple blood draw and they extract the stem cells from the blood.

It costs Be The Match approximately $100 to add each new member to the registry.  For those of us who are slightly over the target age group, may not meet the health guidelines, who have already joined or don't want to, donations to cover these costs for testing will be greatly appreciated.  Please select the MAKE A GIFT button to the right.

We have planned an event for May2nd in Chicago (actually at our Bannockburn Green showroom, next to Dominicks) for testing and awareness of this disease.  Please consider attending our marrow registry drive and joining the registry to give hope to Marcia and all those who search for a match:

"Marrow For Markey" Be The Match Registry Drive

Thursday, May 2nd from 1-7pm at M&M Event Design Studio (2515 Waukegan Rd, Bannockburn, IL)

**For those who can't make the drive, please consider joining the Be The Match Registry online by visiting: and Be The Match will mail you a swab kit to complete at home.

We have named Marcia's disease Fred and our goal is to Kick Fred's Butt. Please join us in this fight and thank you for your prayers and support. The entire M&M family appreciates your thoughts and wishes.

Team Be The Match is an online community that helps patients who need a marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant. Team members raise funds so more people can be added to the Be The Match Registry.

It is important to add more people to the registry because that gives patients a chance to find a matching marrow donor. Together, we can give hope to thousands of men, women and children who need a life-saving transplant. 

What does Be The Match do?

Be The Match connects patients with life-saving marrow donors. We help save lives by:

  • Recruiting potential donors: Be The Match manages the largest and most diverse donor registry - more than 10.5 million marrow donors and nearly 185,000 cord blood units.
  • Supporting patients: Be The Match provides financial assistance to patients and their families to help offset costs of a marrow transplant.
  • Educating doctors: Doctors turn to Be The Match to learn about transplant advances, caring for transplant patients and the importance of timely referral for transplant.
  • Advancing science: Be The Match supports research to advance the science of marrow transplant, from improved donor and patient matching to improving post-transplant treatment.

Your help matters

Be The Match relies on us ask for contributions from people like us so it can continue its life-saving work. Contributions help add more potential donors to the Be The Match Registry. I hope you'll consider making a contribution today. Together we can save lives!

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