Every year, 12,000 blood cancer and blood disease patients like Joshua need a marrow transplant to survive. By making a gift to Be The Match, you help ensure that every patient receives the care and support services they need. Thank you!
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Team Be The Match can save lives!

Team Be The Match is an online community that helps patients who need a marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant. Team members raise funds so more people can be added to the Be The Match Registry.

It’s important to add more people to the registry because that gives patients a chance to find a matching marrow donor. Together, we can give hope to thousands of men, women and children who need a life-saving transplant. 

What does Be The Match do?

Be The Match connects patients with life-saving marrow donors. We help save lives by:

  • Recruiting potential donors: Be The Match manages the largest and most diverse donor registry — more than 10.5 million marrow donors and nearly 185,000 cord blood units.
  • Supporting patients: Be The Match provides financial assistance to patients and their families to help offset costs of a marrow transplant.
  • Educating doctors: Doctors turn to Be The Match to learn about transplant advances, caring for transplant patients and the importance of timely referral for transplant.
  • Advancing science: Be The Match supports research to advance the science of marrow transplant, from improved donor and patient matching to improving post-transplant treatment.

Your help matters

Be The Match relies on us to ask for contributions from people like us so it can continue its life-saving work. Contributions help add more potential donors to the Be The Match Registry. I hope you'll consider making a contribution today. Together we can save lives!

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